General, Orthodontist, & Periodontist Dentist

Dental Bookkeeping & Accounting made easy.

General, Orthodontist & Periodontist Dentistry


There is nothing more crippling to a booming dental practice than an unexpected cash flow problem. Most dentists are masters of their craft; they know how to prevent diseases and keep teeth clean and healthy. What most dentists don’t know is some of the fundamental steps to maintaining an accurate bookkeeping system. Empire Tax will protect you from common mistakes that can result in severe financial upset.


We can help you:

  • Understand the difference between cash flow and profits. Profits do not represent cash available for purchase, but not all in-house bookkeepers make that distinction when presenting financials. We give you all the information right when you need it.
  • Reconcile the different accounts, prepare the financial statements, and more. We make sure that transactions are only entered once preventing you from misrepresentation or harsh penalties from the IRS.
  • Ensure you are using an industry standard chart of accounts to track how money is spent and received and to prepare financial reports for the practice. You need the insight a trained Enrolled Agent can provide to establish an accounting system where special accounts should be set up and tracked per dental industry standards.
  • We have experience working specifically with dental practices. This guarantees that the practice financial statements are prepared according to the General Acceptance Accounting Principles, the IRS guidelines, and the dental industry standards.
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Combined with our Triple Check Guarantee,

our calculations are 100% Accurate. If they’re not, we’ll handle it, completely FREE of charge.



Empire is open before and after April 15th.

That means any issues you have, we’ll be available to take care of you. Our expert staff is prepared to answer your questions.


We love our clients…

and because of that, we offer in-depth guidance on tax, payroll, and bookkeeping matters when you need us most.



We triple-check your tax return

Our accounting staff is obsessed with individual attention. This means we thoroughly hand-review your return THREE times prior to filing, to ensure your information is complete, accurate, and ready to roll.

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