Attorneys & Lawfirms

Accounting for Attorneys & Law Firms

You can’t be too careful or too organized when handling your taxes, or choosing the team to help you reach your financial goals. Just like you, an Empire Tax Enrolled Agent’s first duty is to their client and to providing the level of expertise on expense tracking and bookkeeping you deserve.


We’ll save you:

  • Time – and what’s more important than your time, when time equals money?
  • Taxes – we’ll make sure to review all of your activities and purchases to get you the most tax savings
  • Money – we can assist you in creating a financial plan and keep you on course to ensure you maximize your profits.
  • Frustration – we will answer any inquiries you may have and deal with the headaches for you so you can focus on your caseload.


Make the right choice for your practice and your finances and fill the form out below. We’ll get in touch and help you get started!

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